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Clarifying your questions | New posting schedule

Hey everyone! So I’ve gotten a lot of comments, emails, and just the repeated question of, what’s been going on with my posting schedule? Well as we all know summer is coming to an end, and that means summer vacation has ended, aka school has started back up. And with school managing volunteer hours, homework,Continue reading “Clarifying your questions | New posting schedule”


200 followers! + Q&A

Woohoo!! We did it! After three-ish months of regular blogging the Poorvi Kumar Blog has hit 200 followers! I’m so glad to have every single one of you as part of our family! And thank you for your constant support, love and dedication to everything I do! I can’t even express how happy I am!Continue reading “200 followers! + Q&A”

promote your blog !!

hey, hey ! welcome to the blog or welcome back 😎. today at poorvikumar you are invited to share one piece of writing or just a piece on your blog that you are proud of ! please give us a one-sentence summary about what you have written and don’t forget to check out, like, comment,Continue reading “promote your blog !!”

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