Midnight motivation | The Science Behind It

If you’re anything like most people chances are that in the middle of the night you decide that this is it. That today definitively marks the day where you start to get your life together, so you devise a plan. One where everything syncs up perfectly and you’re super productive and have fun and lifeContinue reading “Midnight motivation | The Science Behind It”

How working out has changed my life

I think most of us have been cooped up at home long enough that everyday feels the exact same. You wake up, do some work, attend some virtual meetings, eat, sleep, and then repeat the same thing for the next couple weeks. Well lately I’ve been struggling with getting the energy to do academic thingsContinue reading “How working out has changed my life”

My Struggle With Time Management

Time management is and always will be a crucial part of our daily lives. We use it to schedule the day ahead of us and distribute our work so we do’t get overwhelmed. Sometimes we even add a bit of relaxation time. But let’s be honest. How many of us follow that plan? Pre-pandemic finishingContinue reading “My Struggle With Time Management”

The Power of Indifference

Stoicism. A powerful concept that I had no idea even existed until very recently. You see in my research on how to be indifferent to every negative aspect of your life I found this idea, and it’s a powerful one. Stoicism is basically enduring the pain and hardships of this life without complaining or showingContinue reading “The Power of Indifference”

why you need a social media detox

social media or better yet known as the social medusa is everything nowadays. and while as addicting as our phones may be, it’s time to put them down, and here’s why. one: the dopamine high dopamine, the happiness hormone, one that’s very crucial to the wellbeing of quite literally everyone on earth. the way itContinue reading “why you need a social media detox”

why what people think of you is none of your business.

spending time worrying about what others think and say about you is normal— sometimes achingly so. people tell you to ignore everyone who talks about you, but really it should be none of your business, and here’s why. 1: you should only strive to impress two people contrary to popular belief the two people youContinue reading “why what people think of you is none of your business.”

if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

opportunity is such a versatile word. some people think that opportunity determines your success, others think it’s blasphemy. but what i’ve realized—and you should too— is that you shouldn’t wait for opportunity to start building your road to success. speaking of opportunity something seemingly random that has integrated itself more and more into my subconsciousContinue reading “if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

non-fiction vs. fiction, is it true one is better?

reading has always been a hobby of mine, a way to escape from the harsh truths of the real world. and— as we all know— books fall under two categories, non-fiction and fiction, but is one superior? something that my mom always told me— and still chides me about to this day— is that iContinue reading “non-fiction vs. fiction, is it true one is better?”

change your life: paradigm shift

welcome back ! this is the start to a new series that will hopefully help you be more productive and better manage your time! enjoy! also this is kind of like the rundown of a book i’ve been reading called the 7 habits of highly effective teenagers which essentially has the same principles as theContinue reading “change your life: paradigm shift”

why age has no correlation with what you can achieve

“when it comes to success age is just a number.” it’s a relatively popular quote that’s thrown around a lot, but is it true? surprisingly it’s a quote i didn’t believe for a really long time. in my mind you had to be a certain age to be able to start being ‘successful’. what iContinue reading “why age has no correlation with what you can achieve”

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