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Six word story #9

You shouldn’t say things like that… Don’t forget to leave your six word reply in the comments down below I love reading and responding to them !! And if you’re feeling groovy you can stop by and say hi down below too! The more the merrier!! a little update: so i know my posting scheduleContinue reading “Six word story #9”


Weekend Writing Prompt #218; Tessellate

Her melodic laugh and quiet candor His charming humor and bold spirit Every dance and giggle Every blush and wink Consumed by their drowning passion For theirs was a match handcrafted by the heavens. Yin and yang so harmoniously balanced That declarations of love sung from every corner. They fit piece by piece Almost likeContinue reading “Weekend Writing Prompt #218; Tessellate”

Weekend Writing Prompt #209; Wanton

Passion set them both ablaze Fueling them with a fire so deep That neither could fathom to resist But it was a dangerous thing you see One that was never meant to be desired Yet the spark was simply too heated to handle And all it took was a fateful night To leave the pairContinue reading “Weekend Writing Prompt #209; Wanton”


The way her body molded to his Was damnation in every sense of the word. The tension rippled like stones on a lake, Barely skimming the surface. And the second their lips touched Nothing else mattered. They were each others’ forbidden fruit Almost like a walking temptation. He was all chiseled jawlines and woodsy scentsContinue reading “Lust”