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TTT #14: apps to keep you motivated, productive & organized

Hey everybody!! As you all know it’s been a while since I’ve been posting content other than poems. But now that my scheduling conflict has cleared up (at least for the next two months) I’ll be back to posting regularly :))). app one: notion Personally for me I have a hard time organizing what exactlyContinue reading “TTT #14: apps to keep you motivated, productive & organized”


if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

opportunity is such a versatile word. some people think that opportunity determines your success, others think it’s blasphemy. but what i’ve realized—and you should too— is that you shouldn’t wait for opportunity to start building your road to success. speaking of opportunity something seemingly random that has integrated itself more and more into my subconsciousContinue reading “if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

TTT #8: skills you need to be successful

welcome back to the blog. so today i will be presenting two of the most useful tips that are quite literally the difference between success and failure. these are tips that not only i have picked up and researched, but that are backed by all the greats. tip one: learn time management if you’re likeContinue reading “TTT #8: skills you need to be successful”

non-fiction vs. fiction, is it true one is better?

reading has always been a hobby of mine, a way to escape from the harsh truths of the real world. and— as we all know— books fall under two categories, non-fiction and fiction, but is one superior? something that my mom always told me— and still chides me about to this day— is that iContinue reading “non-fiction vs. fiction, is it true one is better?”

TTT #7: mistakes that are killing your blog

welcome back to a compilation of the three (yup that’s right, a bonus tip!) top mistakes most bloggers make, and what to stop doing to run a successful blog! tip one: it’s a community this is a tip i’m sure multiple bloggers have told you, that you need to start interacting with your fellow bloggers.Continue reading “TTT #7: mistakes that are killing your blog”

change your life: paradigm shift

welcome back ! this is the start to a new series that will hopefully help you be more productive and better manage your time! enjoy! also this is kind of like the rundown of a book i’ve been reading called the 7 habits of highly effective teenagers which essentially has the same principles as theContinue reading “change your life: paradigm shift”

TTT #6: what not to do *success edition*

welcome back ! basically here are my top two ‘tips’ of what not to do if you want to be successful. plus all of the big super moguls have all given speeches or at least talked about one of these tips before ! tip one: your plan is YOUR BUSINESS i strongly believe in theContinue reading “TTT #6: what not to do *success edition*”

why age has no correlation with what you can achieve

“when it comes to success age is just a number.” it’s a relatively popular quote that’s thrown around a lot, but is it true? surprisingly it’s a quote i didn’t believe for a really long time. in my mind you had to be a certain age to be able to start being ‘successful’. what iContinue reading “why age has no correlation with what you can achieve”

success, what it is and how to achieve it.

Success, a term we’ve all heard quite often. Whether it’s our from our parents or our teachers— everyone uses that word— ‘success’. But what is it really? With all the stress comes with growing up it becomes very difficult to just keep going, not even taking into account the desire to be successful. But whatContinue reading “success, what it is and how to achieve it.”