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A discussion with @Small Talks!

Hey everyone! Today we have a very special collab that I’ve been working on for some time with the very talented Pavithra who writes such an amazing, thoughtful and overall just down to Earth and REAL blog! So make sure to check her out! Let’s get started! (also a little disclaimer: I never actually livedContinue reading “A discussion with @Small Talks!”


Interviewing @ Laleh Chini !

Hey everyone ! Welcome to or welcome back to the blog ! Today I have a very special guest, the highly esteemed author herself Laleh Chini ! For those of you who don’t know Miss Chini hopefully this will give you a chance to get to know her ! #1: Please introduce yourself! I amContinue reading “Interviewing @ Laleh Chini !”

Get to know the Gen Z Go Getters !

Hey, hey, welcome back to the blog or to the blog for the first time! This last couple of weeks I have had the pleasure of chatting with the four lovely ladies who record a podcast called the Gen Z Go Getters (which you can check out here) ! I really love their work andContinue reading “Get to know the Gen Z Go Getters !”

TTT #7: mistakes that are killing your blog

welcome back to a compilation of the three (yup that’s right, a bonus tip!) top mistakes most bloggers make, and what to stop doing to run a successful blog! tip one: it’s a community this is a tip i’m sure multiple bloggers have told you, that you need to start interacting with your fellow bloggers.Continue reading “TTT #7: mistakes that are killing your blog”