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Six Word Story #3

Alone; a blessing. Lonely; a curse. Don’t forget to leave your six word reply in the comments down below I love reading and responding to them !! And if you’re feeling groovy you can stop by and say hi down below too! The more the merrier!! featured photo credits: wallpaperaccess emails for guest posts/ book review requests/Continue reading “Six Word Story #3”


Chin up.

A feeling of sorrow fills me to the brim I’m all alone. Never will I be able to share all that I feel with another. Even those that are rumored to be closest Are simply held at a distance Fed bits of information to solidify a relationship One that was built on a rocky ledgeContinue reading “Chin up.”

Weekend Writing Prompt #208; Solitudinarian

I stay awake long after dark Sometimes with burning tears Others with a ravaging fear Yet all these times have a thing in common An unrelenting truth. That I’m alone. Never once will I be able to trust In a manner so deep as to love And all those that I foolishly thought had myContinue reading “Weekend Writing Prompt #208; Solitudinarian”