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The betrayal

At first everything starts off with smiles and giggles Innocence and childsplay The most raw form of happiness there is Friendship. A blissful friendship between a little boy and girl— a tale as old as time But as they get older a dark presence corners them both And while one stays pure the other succumbs.Continue reading “The betrayal”


Forty days

In forty days my life begins Or perhaps it ends. Every breath taken brings me closer Is it a blessing or curse? I do not know But what’s certain is  I’m running out of time Time to become  The best I can be To finally get myself together Because the clock is ticking And theContinue reading “Forty days”

Weekend Writing Prompt #215; Ink

A dash and a dot Swirling on parchment Doused in rich blackness With ink it began And with ink it shall end… © 2021 Poorvi Kumar, All Rights Reserved. note: i wrote this as part of a 22 word weekend writing prompt for featured photo credits: weheartit emails for guest posts/ book review requests/ pretty much anything are alwaysContinue reading “Weekend Writing Prompt #215; Ink”


In a world where society dictates all And controls our lives  Down to the very last atom How do you keep your head from going amok When nothing seems to makes sense? Does the pressure not strain to weigh you down And form a pit far too deep inside? Does the pain and judgement everContinue reading “Lost”


Every day is a battle, One that seems impossible to win. To keep your crown  You have to be willing to do the extreme Fighting off the vultures overhead While weeding out the snakes within  Eventually the laughs and screams Start to merge Into a haze of neglect and sorrow. Sometimes the pain becomes toContinue reading “Battle”

The Inevitable

Stupid.  That’s what it is to try and avoid the inevitable Smart. That’s what it is to fear the inevitable Pain. That’s what it is to experience the inevitable Time. That’s what it is to get closer to the inevitable And life? Life is what the inevitable takes. © 2021 Poorvi Kumar, All Rights Reserved.Continue reading “The Inevitable”

Chin up.

A feeling of sorrow fills me to the brim I’m all alone. Never will I be able to share all that I feel with another. Even those that are rumored to be closest Are simply held at a distance Fed bits of information to solidify a relationship One that was built on a rocky ledgeContinue reading “Chin up.”


“There’s always next time!” That’s when it started The lies. Spun around in a web so thick That escape isn’t even an option. Because once you start you simply can’t stop. Lie after lie until the world comes crashing down And the only feeling you have is one of remorse Of guilt Of wanting toContinue reading “Trapped”

The mark

 How important can a scratch on parchment be? Important enough to sacrifice sleep? Important enough to slave over material with hollow bloodshot eyes? Important enough that only answers will satiate the hole inside? Important enough for the salty taste of tears to become a constant? How much are you willing to sacrifice? For in aContinue reading “The mark”

The mask

You can pretend all you want. That you’re a joyful, cheerful person That every laugh is genuine That happiness is your natural state of being That your heart doesn’t tug you down. That every smile of yours is met with one of equal candor That you don’t lie awake overthinking and regretting That you’ve neverContinue reading “The mask”

The lie

Tick Tock, Tick Tock Five more minutes and I’ll be productive  Tick Tock, Tick Tock Just ten more seconds and I’ll stop procrastinating Tick Tock, Tick Tock Three more hours and I’ll work towards my goals Tick Tock, Tick Tock It’s the lie we tell ourselves  The lie we’ve started to accept as reality WhenContinue reading “The lie”

Weekend Writing Prompt #206; Restless

Restless skies, Groaning homes, Fearful citizens. A flawlessly tuned melody of chaos, Fighting for a chance. The perfect storm. © 2021 Poorvi Kumar, All Rights Reserved. note: i wrote this as part of a 19 word weekend writing prompt for featured photo credits: emails for guest posts/ book review requests/ pretty much anything are always moreContinue reading “Weekend Writing Prompt #206; Restless”

“Hush little angel”

The burn behind my eyes intensifies with every waking moment And as I’m teetering on the brink of exhaustion  All they tell me is “Hush little angel just stay up a little longer’ “Hush little angel just focus a little longer’ It’s all a lie. Because really, when will I escape? You see, it’s alwaysContinue reading ““Hush little angel””

The funk

You know the feeling when you can’t seem to focus? The feeling that crashes against you like a relentless wave? The one that distracts you from everything of value And instead helps you find solace in the mindless? It’s like walking around in a daze 24/7 Except the cruel twist is you can’t escape. StaringContinue reading “The funk”

The Secret

It’s the type of thing you get glimpses of One that’s rarely brought up Perhaps in lack of belief Or fear of the very same Yet it exists nonetheless But they’ll never understand it’s power How the secret can transform your dreams Into your physical reality That all you want All you crave Can beContinue reading “The Secret”

Rag Doll

They tell you to smile wider To eat less— but not starve To dress up—but not like you were asking for it To live your life— but not to the fullest To go out— but watch your back To be skinny— but not too thin To follow your dreams— but bow to a man ToContinue reading “Rag Doll”


The way her body molded to his Was damnation in every sense of the word. The tension rippled like stones on a lake, Barely skimming the surface. And the second their lips touched Nothing else mattered. They were each others’ forbidden fruit Almost like a walking temptation. He was all chiseled jawlines and woodsy scentsContinue reading “Lust”


It doesn’t matter if you tiptoe down the halls Or if you hold your breath The shadow is always there. It moves fluidly, through walls and realities Silently watching — waiting Only attacking when you’re at rock bottom. It lures you in with promises of better days But they’re just that — promises. You canContinue reading “Shadow”


I’m tired but my mind isn’t If I sleep I’ll give in To the thoughts in my head. It’s a scary place Where nothing is certain but pain is plentiful Where there are silver knives tipped with cherry red blood Where the screams never end Where the mask sits in the corner with a smileContinue reading “Insomnia”

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