The betrayal

At first everything starts off with smiles and giggles

Innocence and childsplay

The most raw form of happiness there is


A blissful friendship between a little boy and girl— a tale as old as time

But as they get older a dark presence corners them both

And while one stays pure the other succumbs.

The two go on but something feels off

Because the voices have made their way deep inside.

They tell the boy that it’s okay, that nothing really matters and to only help himself

All the while the girl watches in horror stricken fear at what is happening

She begs and pleads him to stop to turn back into who he was

But it’s simply too late because now the voices have manifested as friends.

Sinister friends who have corrupted him from the inside out

These friends tell the boy lies about the girl

And foolishly he believes them, ruining it all

He scoffs and laughs and says horrible things

Ones that can never be undone.

It takes a while but slowly the girl understands that they were no longer the children they used to be

That the world truly was an evil, evil place.

She felt lost at first and tried everything to get the boy back, but eventually she gave up.

And at the end as a lone tear fell down her face the girl knew the feeling of betrayal well

The betrayal of a friendship broken at last.

© 2022 Poorvi Kumar, All Rights Reserved.

featured photo credit: picturequote

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