Midnight motivation | The Science Behind It

If you’re anything like most people chances are that in the middle of the night you decide that this is it. That today definitively marks the day where you start to get your life together, so you devise a plan. One where everything syncs up perfectly and you’re super productive and have fun and life is great.

Of course it’s probably some ungodly hour in the middle of the night so you resolve it with yourself that you’ll wake up tomorrow and start. So you waddle over to your bed and tuck yourself in with a huge grin on your face.

However, many many hours later in the depths of the morning you wake up, look at your plan, have a stroke, and decide to go back to sleep— smiling. Except this time you’re giggling because your plan is so unachievable that it’s actually hilarious.

This phenomenon is known as ‘midnight motivation’.

Now, most people do experience some form of midnight motivation, but have you ever wondered why?…

Personally I experience midnight motivation VERY frequently, so I decided to some research, and share it with all of you in a short post!

Now, researchers have about a zillion different theories, but the one I found most interesting was the theory of— essentially— ‘your present self is free to dream’.

Basically, what this theory or idea says is that at night at that very moment your present self has no work. Meaning the ‘you’ at that moment gets to make up whimsical plans and whatnot because it doesn’t have to execute any of them yet.

However when you wake up, you become the ‘future’ version of yourself. The one that has to do work. And this is the point where you normally giggle and go back to sleep, but actually this is the most interesting part.

We know that humans love to procrastinate so most probably by some law of procrastination you most probably pushing stuff back because you would rather do anything else. But this leads us to a whole new dilemma of is procrastination good? And that my friends is a discussion for another post :)).

Anyways, that about wraps it up for today!

Do you experience midnight motivation 🤔 ?…

Until next time!


Poorvi :))

featured photo credits: pinterest

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p.s.: so sorry i haven’t updated in literally like 43 years, school is no fun ://

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