Weekend Writing Prompt #208; Solitudinarian

I stay awake long after dark

Sometimes with burning tears

Others with a ravaging fear

Yet all these times have a thing in common

An unrelenting truth.

That I’m alone.

Never once will I be able to trust

In a manner so deep as to love

And all those that I foolishly thought had my back

Haven’t hesitated to break me down at every chance.

So here I sit— in sadness or wonder I do not know 

But the fact persists

That I remain by myself.

Simply a sorrowful solitudinarian.

© 2021 Poorvi Kumar, All Rights Reserved.

note: i wrote this as part of a 90 word weekend writing prompt for sammiscribbles.wordpress.com

featured photo credits: favim.com

emails for guest posts/ book review requests/ pretty much anything are always more than welcome at poorvikumarblog@gmail.com !

just a reminder: no TTT until the week of 5/23 weeks and no Saturday morning posts for 2 weeks starting 5/14 (due to personal commitments) thank you for understanding !! 

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