why you need a social media detox

social media or better yet known as the social medusa is everything nowadays. and while as addicting as our phones may be, it’s time to put them down, and here’s why.

one: the dopamine high

dopamine, the happiness hormone, one that’s very crucial to the wellbeing of quite literally everyone on earth. the way it works is pretty simple really. you do something or accomplish that genuinely makes you happy and your body is flooded with endorphins that keep you motivated.

these days dopamine is one click away. you open up an app and suddenly your trapped in an endless loop of scrolling. now i’m not saying that this isn’t enjoyable, because it is, and that’s the problem.

we as a society have invented such a thing that dopamine is a click away. if you’ve already reached the highest most happy you can feel, there’s no more incentive to do anything else. and that’s the problem.

i think most of us struggle with this whether it be tiktok, or instagram, or youtube, these platforms ave a way of ensnaring all your focus on mindlessly having ‘fun’. but by just putting down your phone— and yes i am quite well aware of how difficult it is— you can start finding the same dopamine in the other, simple things like walking your dog or chatting with your family.

and i’m not saying to just completely cut out all these platforms because they may be useful, but everything is, in moderation.

two: life might seem boring but

another reason a lot of us gravitate to social media is that we get bored. personally i know for a fact i always have something productive to be doing but i just procrastinate it by wasting my time on my phone. just remember that while you’re killing time, time is killing you.

when you get bored my suggestion would be to pick up a productive hobby or go do/learn something that makes you genuinely happy. it’s also the time where your best ideas come to you, i mean how do you think this blog was born :)) ! and also remember that life is only boring when we fail to notice it.

three: less social media= better mental health

this one i can 100% back up. in my experience my phone when not used correctly can really wreak havoc on your mental health.

for me personally snapchat was an app that was really just so toxic. it was so frustrating to constantly have this weight on my back that i have to respond to all these people with meaningless photos of my wall. and there was also the concept of meeting new people and it was just plain terrifying when people asked or did scary stuff and sent it to me. so i just deleted the app, and i’ve definitely been happier and it’s also taught me not to feel pressured to respond to everyone.

and then there’s instagram. i see all these people my age and it’s like they have flawless skin, beautiful bodies and are just all around gorgeous. and as much as i want to say it didn’t bother me, it did. i mean i wear these bulky glasses and have typical teenage acne so of course it got to my head. i would’ve deleted this app, but a lot of my friends use it to contact me, so instead i’ve settled for an alternative of setting a 30 minute time limit. i really think this has made me feel so much better and helped me stop wanting to reach such unrealistic standards.

again, you don’t have to get rid of all these apps, just use them in moderation.

four: increased productivity

to lead a happy life you have to have the right balance between work and play. and whether you want to admit it or not social media tends to tip the scale towards being more unproductive and just feel icky overall. honestly i’m going to tell you that while you’re wasting your time it feels great, but after when you have to deal with the consequences, it feels anything but.

personally, lately i’ve lost the ability to just focus. with online school i’ve definitely been slacking and i know that when i go back in person next year it’ll take it’s toll. so what i’ve been doing is just putting away my phone for periods of time to finish my work and then also make time for my dreams and passions.

also another tip for when you feel tempted to use your phone is just turn on some music. music is a much better alternative because one it can help you focus and two i believe it just has the overall ability to elevate our moods.

in saying that time management is far from being my best friend, but i’m working towards it !

and that’s about all i have to say (for now) ! do you have any other tips to help lower screen time 🤔 ?…

see you soon !!


poorvi :))

p.s. no post on monday, instead i have a very special post coming out tuesday, so keep a look out for that!!

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12 thoughts on “why you need a social media detox

  1. i definitely agree ! there is so much negativity in social media even IF you don’t post on it. it definitely is toxic and that’s why you should take a break from all the toxicity !! 👁👅👁 i love this post and i’m looking forward to your next one !!

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  2. this is why i don’t have social media 🤠. great post with even greater points! regarding your screen time tips…my parents actually restrict screen time for me with their own passcode. when you don’t have the ability to override it, it’s WAY more effective. if you’re rly wanting to limit your screen time, consider asking someone to set a passcode for you. 🐸

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  3. Great post!! You know I never use any social medias including the famous ones like fb or insta. I just find then too toxic and a waste of time.
    My advice is to use minimum number of social medias to reduce your screen time

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  4. I just don’t use social media, then I can’t be addictided. But if you use it that is fine, nothing wrong with that! But to limit screen time you can turn off notifications. If you don’t constantly have notifications telling you that : this person liked this, or that person commented on that. You won’t be tempted to read it and use your device. And only check your media once a day. I know that sounds hard! And it is at first, I used to check my blog all thoughout the day, then I thought “I’m waisting all my time checking for stuff, It is not that important! So I stopped, now I only check In the mornings and sometimes during the day if I am chatting with someone. And maybe at night before I go to bed. Checking in the morning helps me get woken up and ready to start my day. And checking at night helps me relax and get ready for sleep. I think as a whole, Just use your time wisely and remember, There is a real world out there! Go and live in it! And do outside things!

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    1. wow !!! these are some great ideas ! i never really thought of wordpress as social media but now that you’ve brought up the idea, i agree ! it starts to get very addicting, looking at all the comments and whatnot, thank you for sharing and stopping by !!


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