Rag Doll

They tell you to smile wider

To eat less— but not starve

To dress up—but not like you were asking for it

To live your life— but not to the fullest

To go out— but watch your back

To be skinny— but not too thin

To follow your dreams— but bow to a man

To speak up— but stay silent

To not be superficial— but tend to your looks

To set the bar high— but lower your standards

To love yourself— but know your place 

To follow the rules— but never crumble

To watch the world fall through a plastered grin

To exist in peace without sanity

Are they happy now that I’m finally their rag doll?

© 2021 Poorvi Kumar, All Rights Reserved.

featured photo credits: art.com

email for guest posts, article ideas, or just a friend to talk to: poorvikumarblog@gmail.com 😁

17 thoughts on “Rag Doll

  1. why did i actually really relate to this 🌚😔. today’s unrealistic expectations of society – especially for girls – are so sad and i’m glad you wrote this poem 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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