The way her body molded to his

Was damnation in every sense of the word.

The tension rippled like stones on a lake,

Barely skimming the surface.

And the second their lips touched

Nothing else mattered.

They were each others’ forbidden fruit

Almost like a walking temptation.

He was all chiseled jawlines and woodsy scents

And she was all soft curves and exquisite features

A match made in hell.

Desire is what possessed them

Desire is what consumed them

Desire is what ruined them.

Because love is a chemical reaction, but lust? 

Lust is a death sentence.

Β© 2021 Poorvi Kumar, All Rights Reserved.

just a side note: i wrote this as part of a poem contest for jojoalwaealy, so make sure you check him out !

featured photo credits: #cherry theme tumgir

emails for guest posts are welcome at !

15 thoughts on “Lust

  1. AHHHH!!! That was sooooooo good!!! You have such a distinct writing style! You’re poems keep me hooked!! I love this one! I’ll probably hang it on my wall!

    Liked by 1 person

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