TTT #7: mistakes that are killing your blog

welcome back to a compilation of the three (yup that’s right, a bonus tip!) top mistakes most bloggers make, and what to stop doing to run a successful blog!

tip one: it’s a community

this is a tip i’m sure multiple bloggers have told you, that you need to start interacting with your fellow bloggers. honestly, i thought it was an utter garbage tip at first. my mindset was people should like my content by themselves. but that i didn’t realize was being in blogging solely for likes and follows is really stupid, (more on that in tip 3).

there are so many benefits to interacting with the blogging community. one being you meet crazy cool people ! the second one is that it just gives you free serotonin, like i read the most comical posts sometimes and they really brighten up my day ! and thirdly SOMETIMES people can swing on by and check out a post you’ve written, which is nice, but that shouldn’t be your sole purpose for interacting.

this is also kind of deviant from the topic but as i said i really love poetry posts, specifically six word stories. so let me just tell you all about my new addiction. six word stories are so cool, bloggers post six words, and in the comments you respond with another six words, it really gets you thinking and i just really enjoy it. if you ARE interested in reading some here are my two favourite sites for six word stories ! they are, by pooja g; lifesfinewhine and by tetiana aleksina and tony single; unbolt me !

tip two: TAKE A BREAK

this second tip is CRUCIAL. listen to me, blogging should not be a chore (i mean unless you run a business or intend to make money, then good luck ) and i really mean this. if you’re at the point where you’re like good gosh i HAVE to write a blog post today, just stop. if you’re getting overwhelmed, just stop.

go MIA for a couple days, weeks, months, years, but when you get back to blogging make sure you are giving it 110%. and i can tell you from experience that back in august i hated blogging so much to the point where i got so distracted a thousand word post would take an entire hour. i took a probably four month break from blogging, revamped my site, and now i thoroughly enjoy making content and meeting all sorts of neat people on wordpress.

so what i’m saying is, there is no shame in taking a break, you my even be glad you did it.

tip three: bonus tip; stop worrying

okay this one is very important. i want you to stop worrying so much about stats and followers and likes and comments. your goal in blogging shouldn’t be to get followers or likes, because i mean yeah you can get them but if half those people don’t give a crap about your content, who’s winning? not you.

like yesterday two people unfollowed me. normally i would be distraught, but it’s fine, my content probably wasn’t their speed, i don’t take it personally by any means. and here’s another tip do not do the follow for follow thing. like follow people who’s content you enjoy, if they follow back, yay. if not don’t take it personally.

i think at one point you really need to have mental chat with yourself and ask ‘why am i blogging’ and are you blogging for the right reasons ?..

anyways that about wraps up today’s post, and if you made it this far, you’re an angel, i love you, here’s a kiss.

see you saturday


poorvi :))

edit 4/19/21:

featured photo credits: reward bloggers

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29 thoughts on “TTT #7: mistakes that are killing your blog

  1. Oh yeah, WordPress is very much a community, and those who realise that will have a much better time here, though it requires some time commitment, and it’s understandable that not everyone wants to network on a blogging platform. Thanks for this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yup yup wordpress 100% is a community, one that can elevate you or be your demise, and i definitely agree about the time commitment- but it can be worth it! and thank YOU for stopping by :))


  2. Love that you share some of the things you have learned not only writing but also sharing your writing with the public! Blogging and writing help build up a lovely community, but I have to love it too to put myself into it. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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