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why the pomodoro system is a shishter scam

welcome back to my youtube channel πŸ˜„ today we’re bashing a popular scientifically proved theory that’s supposed to increase your productivity πŸ˜„. so if you aren’t familiar with the pomodoro system it’s a technique in which you work hard for twenty five minutes and then take a five minute break and it’s supposed to helpContinue reading “why the pomodoro system is a shishter scam”

TTT #4: why you can’t quit πŸ˜€

welcome back πŸ˜„ today we have a more motivational themed post πŸ˜ƒ that i hope people find useful. whether you’re struggling to grow a small business or just contemplating life daily i understand your pain 🌚 and hopefully these two ‘tips’/really just SPEAK TO YOUU 🀌 and help you out 😎. okay so lets startContinue reading “TTT #4: why you can’t quit πŸ˜€”

WWW #3: 2 beautiful words you can relate to

welcome back πŸ˜„ you know what. i realized that these posts are kind of boring but fear not my personality is here to SPICE 🀌🀌🀌 things up 😎. these posters of the words are not original so don’t sue me 😎. word numero uno is one of my favorites and it’s called hiraeth and it’sContinue reading “WWW #3: 2 beautiful words you can relate to”


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hey, im poorvi! previously an elementary school student, I became a middle school student after graduating from fifth grade πŸ˜ŒπŸ’…. ever since I learned how, I’ve loved to read. and one thing that always annoyed me was that there wasn’t a place where I could get recommendations on current, trending books, and that’s how my blog was born. it started off as only book reviews and while I still review novels im reading here, i also post about my other thoughts and musings here. I hope you find something to enjoy !

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