no TTT until the week of 5/23 weeks and no Saturday morning posts for 2 weeks starting 5/14 (due to personal commitments) thank you for understanding !! 

The mark

 How important can a scratch on parchment be? Important enough to sacrifice sleep? Important enough to slave over material with hollow bloodshot eyes? Important enough that only answers will satiate the hole inside? Important enough for the salty taste of tears to become a constant? How much are you willing to sacrifice? For in aContinue reading “The mark”


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hey hey, i’m poorvi and i would like to personally welcome you to my blog !! at poorvikumar you can find everything from book reviews and musings, to weekly segements like poem of the week wednesday and top two thursday ! i hope you find something to enjoy !! p.s. if you’re ever in need a friend or have something on your mind, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at !! until next time ! ciao xx

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